Mooring Buoys, Anchors,  Boat Towing



Tacoma Tugboat Co.            

               Serving  Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands        

General Information


Tacoma Tug, served beachfront property owners, small business persons and boaters of the Pacific Northwest, by providing the following services:

Boat Towing:

Tacoma Tug is proud to say that in the 22 years of towing everything from 14' rowboats to 70' yachts, boat houses, dock ramps, floats, log rafts, oyster and fish pens as large as 120' wide and 450' long, as well as  delivering building materials and household furnishings, we never had a damage claim, or damaged a boat or property.

Mooring Buoys and Anchors:

Waterfront property owners commonly have a need for the placement of a buoy in front of their home, thus allowing boating friends to safely tie up while visiting.  Many owners also choose to tie their own boat, conviently, at home.

Our delivery system and equipment was specially designed and built to provide prompt and accurate placement of a buoy system.





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