This photo was taken at a picnic in June of 1950. Some of the faces aren't easily seen, but here they are from bottom to top.   Left side: Dorris (Williams); her daughter Mary (behind hand); husband George; Chuck Leonard; his wife Lou (Merritt) Leonard; their daughter Barbra Jean; Nancy Baker, daughter of Margurette (Leonard) Baker; Grandad Allen; his 2nd wife Nan; standing, Shirley (Samuelson)Baker, daughter of Marguritte; Herb Baker, husband of Margueritte; Phillip Leonard (barely visable); Unknown woman.  Standing in the back: Jack Williams, son of Valentine (Leonard) Cottenham; his wife; Walt (Bob) King, husband of Geraldine (Leonard) King. To his left, Walt and Garoldine's lady friend, their employee.  Right side, front to back: Valentine (Leonard, Williams) Cottenham; Joanne Cottenham; Tom Cottenham, behind them, Harold Cottenham, their father; my father Clayton; my mother Sophia; Marguritte (Leonard Sameulson) Baker; above them,  my brother Dave; above his left ear is the top of my head Jim Leonard, son of Chuck Leonard; Susie, daughter of Dorris; Garoldene (Leonard) King. Absent, is the family of Larry Williams.

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As usual, my dad would set the camera timer (a Crown Speed Graphic) and then run to his appointed place and look natural.  The instrution at this setting was "take a big bite of something and smile."  I don't think Valentine (Sis) believed him.